The safe & effective way to remove unwanted hair, lasts up to 6 weeks

Full Leg            £21.25

3/4 leg             £15.00

1/2 Leg            £13.00

Bikini/Underarm   £8.00

Lip/Eyebrow/Chin   £5.50

Full Leg & Bikini       £26

1/2 Leg, Underarm & Bikini   £25.50



Basic Manicure- soak, shape,cuticles and massage, without polish £19.50

Luxury manicure- as above adding a sensuous scrub and finished with polish                      £21

French manicure  £23.50

File and Polish  £11.00


Basic Pedicure - Cutting of nails, shaping, cuticles and massage, without polish     £21.50

Luxury Pedicure - As above adding affirming masque, exfoliating foot scrub, mineral glow,hard skin removal, massage & finished with polish £26

Pedicure wit Gel Polish     £31

(open toe shoes to be worn)

 Gel Nail Extensions and Gel Overlays

NSI Balance is a revolutionary UV Gel enhancement system, incorporating the very latest UV technology creating a system that is versatile, durable, odourless, hypoallergenic and great to wear. It combines a superior no lift adhesive UV Gel foundation, with free-flowing, flexible self leveling nuilder gels that create perfect C curves. Balance finish gels complete the system adding a permanent high gloss finish. Choose between extensions to lengthen your own nails or overlays to strengthen your natural nails.

Clear Gel O/lay, full set incl polish  £34.50

Permanent Colour Gel Overlay   £31.50

French Manicure Gel Overlay     £37

Tips - Clear/Colour         £39.50

Tips - French Polish      £42

gel overlay/ extension per nail   £1

Soak Off Treatment         £11

Nail Repair, per nail        £3.25

add the gel polish application to any extension and overlay price 


Eyelash Tint (patch test required)          £13

Eyebrow Tint    £6


Eve Taylor professional aromatherapy skin and body care. The products are naturally safe and effective and adopt a contamination free packaging concept. They do not contain mineral oil, alcohol or artificial fragrance.

Express facial 45 minutes   £26

Signature Facial 60 minutes   £31

(using the advanced skin care range)

Luxury Facial including 25 back massge - 90 minutes £50

 We now offer Brazilian waxing and Threading, ask ellie for details



Manipulation of the feet reflex points, which corresponds to the body's organs and glands. Provides relaxation and restores balance to the body. Results have been startling in overcoming or easing problems ranging from chronic ailments and stress disorders to back pain and digestion problems.

One Hour       £26.00

Holistic massage

Swedish massage is the classic form of body massage, it enhances circulation, improves muscle tone, relieves tension and soothes tired muscles. An effective aid to relaxation, toxins will be released, whilst stimulating the nervous & muscular systems. Organic paraben free specialist oils used.

30 minutes ( back,neck,shoulders) £25.00

60 minutes ( full body treatment)


Sports and Remedial Massage

Throughout the field of sports massage therapy emphasis is placed on enhanced performance with the primary concern to remain injury free. Different techniques are applied mobility/flexibility tests, advanced stretching techniques, full posture assessment and may include specific client excercisepackage, helping to achieve long term goals.

30 minutes £28   75 mis   £43

Indian head massage

An invigorating massage to the upper back, neck, shoulder,head & face.Designed to relieve stress, fatigue and help to alleviate headaches and aid general relaxation.

30 minutes    £20

Hot Stones Massage

This treatment can help muscular aches pains & strains, rheumatic & arthritic conditions. It helps to improve circulation & reduce stress, anxiety & tension. During the treatment the client lays on a towel with the hot stones underneath which traces the spine. The therapist then applies massage oil, allowing the stones to glide over the skin in a rhythmic manner, employing a number of techniques to treat the whole body. You will feel relaxed yet energised.

One hour       £40